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Aircraft Lubrication Tools

Since 1954 Ridair/Brema is active in the aviation industry, our relationship with aircraft manufactures and airlines resulted in a series of specialized lubrication tools for the lubrication of aircraft.

We are combining proven technology of large manufacturers like LINCOLN Industrial with our own specialized products, resulting in a lubrication tools program enabling you to easily reach the most difficult accessible lubrication points in your aircraft's. Is the lubrication needle or coupler not part of our standard program? We can produce any type of lubrication needle for you.

Flush type grease fitting

Lubrication needles are used for flush type lubrication fittings, which are frequently used in aircraft as these are mounted counter sunk in the structure. Flush type grease fittings can only be lubricated with a lubrication needle, our lubrication needles are specially constructed with a hardened needle point to avoid damage to the needle during  


Our first lubrication needles were developed for Fokker aircraft's, Fokker 50, 70 & 100, but are now widely used for lubricating aircraft's from Boeing 777 to Embraer 190.

All our needles are produced from 4 mm bendable steel tubing and inserted with a hardened steel tip. Depending on the model the lubrication needles are delivered with a 1/8 NPT female thread or a locking sleeve for mounting it on a standard hydraulic coupler.

The 1/8 NPT female connection can be used in combination with with a whip hose or extension tube or locking sleeve. Any combination is possible providing you maximum flexibility.

Lubrication needles

Recently we have expanded our program with a series of 300 mm long lubrication needles delivered with a locking sleeve for easy connection to a standard hydraulic coupler.

These long lubrication needles are standard available in the following models:

-45 deg. angle-
-90 deg. angle-
-180 deg. angle-

 Lubrication needle 5803XLJ

Any other model can be produced at your request.

For regular zerk fittings we have developed a special heavy duty 90 deg. coupler.

Regular 90 deg. couplers available in the market are to large to have proper access to the difficult to reach zerk fittings in aircraft. Our special heavy duty 90 deg. coupler has an access height of only 35mm and offers the benefits of a regular hydraulic coupler with an 1/8 npt thread size.   

Zerk fitting
90 deg. hydraulic coupler

For a complete overview of our aircraft lubrication program you can download our Aircraft Lubrication Tools brochure here.